I met Kia in 2000, when she was about two years old. She was a terrier mixed with a chihuahua and weighed about ten pounds. I had the honor of knowing Kia for approximately ten years, during which I grew more and more fond of her.

Kia was fast and smart and she had the most beautiful eyes. She was very friendly with everyone when she was young and, as she grew older and got to know people better, she was more cautious in choosing friends. Kia had integrity and her strong character earned the love and respect of everyone around her.

I gave Kia several nicknames during our time together: "Princess Kia" when she was being difficult about the quality and temperature of her food, which by the way did not include lamb or pork, "Jordy" after Michael Jordan when she jumped high, "Koochooloo" which in Farsi means 'tiny' just because she was very tiny and delicate, "Baby" when she acted like one, "Little Dragon" when she was breathing fast because she was either tired or thirsty, and "Lion" every summer when her body got shaved and she sunbathed with her tiny body and her head full of long hair. The funny thing was that she answered to all these names!

Kia seldom acted like a dog. She was more like a two-year-old child: she was interested in snacks and play but hated to be left alone, even for a short time. She participated in our excitement; however, she ignored silly things and showed her disappointment by giving us "the look" when our jokes weren't funny; then, she would turn her back to us and yawn, showing her boredom. Yes, she was quite the character!

Her unexpected and tragic death on Saturday, October 10th, 2009, happened when nature called. Kia was attacked and taken away by a coyote. Kia was an important part of our lives. Her presence brought joy to our heart and life. She will be greatly missed.

Noosha Ravaghi

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Attention All Dog Owners!

Always keep your dogs on a leash when walking in parks, forest areas or residential areas. Keep your dogs indoors from dusk until dawn.